JOB’S Chairs

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The Italian company JOB'S srl was born in 2001, with the focus to be smart, flexible and to go straight to the point, which is for us the design united to comfort. After 18 years, it is still like this: we are not only at the research of details, but are daily work to achieve the results through slender concepts, precise and concrete attitudes as the company approach to work and to clients.
The catalog consists of several collections of seatings, each characterized by a distinctive trait, but all linked together by the concepts of simplicity, comfort and timeless charm: this is the daily challenge, to achieve a long-studied result, which is in its course processed and reviewed, until it is led into the final product.


All Made in Italy

JOB’S is strongly connected to its territory, and represent the quality and ability of Made In Italy. because we all feel that it is important to have a great focus, as much as this vision is supported by the awareness of our origins: the historic know-how of our area is guarantee of quality and experience, and our local production, in the area of Udine, allows a daily control, compulsory for very unique projects and immediate answers”.

Work Together,
Walk Together

Our clients are never afraid for asking too much - and we also love enquiring - because the best solutions have always come up after a direct exchange of views: compulsory to save time and avoid confusion.
We know the importance of being exclusive, and it does not always mean uncommon, but often just coherent and consistent, and this has become much more challenging than ever.

The Designer

OMAR DE BIAGGIO. Passionate, not only of chairs!

For Omar, it has been always a need, since he was a young boy, to dismantle the objects and understand their inner and hidden side. The natural consequence is his handcraft approach in creating and modeling the prototypes, because the technology is compulsory, but it must be supported by a real comprehension of the materials. To know more about him see the story.