POKÈ Collection

As the typical Hawaiian food, we serve you this eclectic
stools Collection in a stylish, smooth and contemporary bowl.
Available in all three sizes for an easy, comfortable and
full of colors dining time.

Identity and cohesion

Made in Italy seating with strong identity, dedicated to interiors, residential, commercial and contract projects.
Whether it is a contemporary, extremely trendy location or classic atmosphere with a modern touch, the JOB’S Collections stand out for their personality and their ability to harmonize with the venue.

GIOTTO Collection

Angles, curves, geometries that adapt naturally even to squared or very defined solutions.
The back appears suspended, thanks to an internal fixing system. A complete collection to hug the guest in a warm embrace, and which plays on colors.
Steel dresses to contrast the color of the fabric, or to accompany it in nuances. The only constraint in creating the product is your own imagination!


The Glamorous apartments have selected the Giotto chair’s geometries, that fit perfectly to this Victorian style project.


Over the years, our chairs and stools have been proudly part of hotel rooms, cozy homes, colorful restaurants and busy lounge bars all over the world. Of course, we do not forget the hard working hours in conference rooms or co-working offices!
Have a look at our section to discover few examples of how our clients love to play with colors, and let their imagination flow, to create a unique atmosphere.

Community, sustainability & Relationship

Being sustainable for us mean, first of all, supporting the territory.
Our company is located in Friuli, a beautiful region that reaches the Alps from the sea, and it is historically and culturally linked to the ability to do: a natural propensity to search for solutions solely through commitment and dedication.
In a reduced area of this territory many small companies have been founded, and each of them has a specific role in the furniture workmanship, from the single screw production to the leather tannery, from the wood turning to the upholstery process.
In an area like this, you can always find the collaboration of the right.
People, and the passion for the creation of a well-made product.
Sustainability therefore takes on the meaning of production in the territory, and the use of skills in every working phase.
A unique production district in the world, which we have always supported.
Proudly Made in Italy.

Feel our passion

To be a truly great product, offering comfort, a sturdy quality construction on an original design at the right price, is not enough.
It must be supported by true, practical and punctual service. In short: efficient and effective.
Our customers know this: for us, being there in the right way is essential.
Asking ourselves the right question and finding the answer is the challenge of every day!
Find out how we can really help you with your project.

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