The best inspiration for our color combination
reflects the nature,
in all its contrasts and shades.
The challenge is melting them on our designs,
for a balance result.

We love to explore the taste of
our partners,
by using their own fabrics,
to feel the Zeitgest of projects
all over the world,
like plots of ideas and cultures
that join in one new expression.
It is amazing to see how the
single taste
our Collections into personalized
tools of creativity.

Oak, walnut and, as last addition, the ash.
Most of all, we love to shape the American walnut: selected great trunks that, coming from North America, are dried, treated and again preferred among others to be cut in short and long parts, that become tapered, elegant legs or circled seatings.
Knots and grains in all solid woods, natural beauty of this incredible material,
are also carefully specified to offer a linear and neat effect on the final product.
Ash and oak are from European origin, and we love their Scandinavian attitude. When not used as natural, the ash is amazing when varnished: the energy of colors and the warmth of its nature are melted to get a unique fresh look.