GIOTTO Collection

Angles, curves, geometries that adapt naturally even to squared or very defined solutions.
The back appears suspended, thanks to an internal fixing system. A complete collection to hug the guest in a warm embrace, and which plays on colors.
Steel dresses to contrast the color of the fabric, or to accompany it in nuances. The only constraint in creating the product is your own imagination!

INTERVIEW with the designer Omar De Biaggio

Among all the collections you have designed, could you tell us how GIOTTO was born?

The name of the chair is a clear reference to the Florentine artist Giotto, who proved his ability by drawing a perfect circle freehand, without the use of a compass. Giotto’s “O” is precisely the concept on which this idea is based: a regular geometric construction, a circle, a curve and 4 lines, gives shape to the chair.

In your opinion, is there a difference in the design of a product for residential use and for the contract market? Where do you see GIOTTO?

The two sectors are now equivalent in terms of need: the private user has more and more a refined taste and carefully researches the furniture for their home. At the same time, hospitality locations are also looking for a product that satisfies the customer’s eye and helps create a well-defined atmosphere.

Giotto was born first of all as a concept of extreme versatility: therefore it can satisfy both market segments. The structure is available in all the colors of the RAL and Pantone range, the seat and back can be upholstered with a wide range of coverings from technical fabrics to the finest leathers.

In the world of these combinations, the architect or interior designer can create an object that blends in with the target of the project.

Is it difficult to design a beautiful chair?

I would say yes, by now the chair has become a design object where styles and shapes can be interpreted and there is strong competition from designers who aspire to sign the product with their own name. It is even more difficult to design a chair that can stay on the market for long time.

giotto stool backrest metal frame photo detail
bar counter stool leg detail- jobs design made in italy
giotto collection- stool seating photo

All around you


Hidden connections, to highlight the attention given to tube crossing between the backrest and the legs.


Intersection, not a simple soldering, between the footrest and the legs of the stool, as guarantee of endurance.


The central seat is enriched by a greater padding: a small secret to add support and comfort


GIOTTO Armchair



Asked to demonstrate his skill, Giotto drew a free hand red circle, so perfect that it seemed as though it was drawn using a pair of compasses: the perfection of his gesture was only one of the impressive arts recognized to this Italian painter, architect and sculptor.
In ancient times, many believed that there was something essentially divine and complete that could be found in circles: sun and moon are still highly symbolic today, as influence of events and essence of life.