Between legends and lore

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Once upon a time in Friuli . . .
during the grape harvest time, made his appearance the young God of Wine. He felt amazed by that curvy Italian landscape, and the colors of those sweet hills, full of juicy grapes, were so attractive, that the only thing he could do was stopping there. He had been so captured by such beauty that he expressed the wish to enjoy lots of days among that nature. He discovered an incredible variety of wines, born from the wise hands people of that territory and he really felt at home. To have a peaceful rest he built a chair, and he named it as himself.
Our legend tells that since that time, during every harvest time, the God Bacco stops in Friuli and takes a rest admiring the hills and relax his body whilst enjoys the most noble of the drinks.Well, we do not know if Bacco really comes every year, but we are witness of his magic aura when we sit of the Bacco chair, imagining to be surrounded by the warmth of the nature and by a sweet background of laughter, friendly toasts and total relaxation atmosphere.So, you can either sit on the Bacco chair or come to Friuli: whatever you choose, we are sure that you will appreciate the experience, over and over…