Job’s Chairs: who we are, what we do and how we do it

JOB’S CHAIRS is placed in San Giovanni al Natisone near Udine in north east Italy and in the middle of the industrial area dedicated to the furniture sector, worldwide famous for its huge chairs production. The closed connection with partners in the production phase allows JOB’S to include in its collection quality products made by industrial different proceedings. The whole production is deeply checked in every single phase in order to achieve the best result and assure the high quality level intrinsic in all made in Italy products.
We think that a careful research of alternative materials should be compulsory. That’s why all our models are connected by a thin line, but are even able to keep specific properties and their own personality.

Beside our collection our Developing Team is able to study and develop your own design. On the base of your needs and our capability of flexibility, we can create personalized chairs or develop your ideas and create models for which you will get exclusivity on your market.

Our designer Omar De Biaggio: a real case history

omar_de_biaggioOmar De Biaggio is the designer and owner of JOB’S, a real case of self-made man.
“When I did such a thing, they told me I was thoughtless. But I felt the need to step up to a personal challenge within one of the most competitive industrial districts. 12,000 chairs per year were produced at the time, which was about 30% of the world production. I wanted my own firm and my own collection to lay down my concepts and my personal style, that’s why I created the JOB’S brand.
I wanted products featuring an extremely advanced and essential design, but I had not taken into account the high industrialization costs. So, the first items were mostly made by means of handiwork. I have always built the first model prototypes by myself. Have you ever tried making a chair, starting with 18-feet iron pipes? I spent whole days with a grinder or a welder in my hands,looking for the ideal proportions. This is something I owe to my father. I hope all parents can teach the art of manual work to their children: seeing that you are giving birth to something is a sort of fulfillment. Years later, I can say it was like starting from below zero, I had not one client nor a collection, but when you are 27, you are allowed almost anything, including a “dream”.
My first customer was the subscription to the Elle Decor magazine. I flipped through the pages and I took down the names of shops and wholesale dealers. Then I took the phone and called around. I managed to obtain my first meetings. I drove for three days non-stop, and in the end I had gathered commissions for over 300 chairs.
When I came back, I told myself: the adventure can begin, there is potential. My initial thoughtlessness had been vindicated, in part. But the most important thing was that people immediately liked the articles. When you achieve something new, with your personal style, without copying those around you, then the market offers you better chances.
Since then, I have always followed this concept when designing my products. What followed was a gradual success, from trade fairs to models. My most cherished personal satisfaction came, I think, from the US market, where many items were chosen by the most important brands in furniture.
When you show something to passion-driven people who understand why you designed it, and that thing finds a place in their hearts, then your product will be successful.
Today, I can conclude that the initial challenge is won. “The Chair“ project is a distillation of all the experience I have accrued until now, going from the simplest marketing tools to the most advanced production technologies, from the advice given by a worker to the handshake with the customer I have yet to meet.”
Omar De Biaggio