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Chairs are a hard JOB !
Certainly the chair is one of the hardest furniture’s object to draw: a real challenge for any designer.
It has to comply with ergonomic rules, inspire an emotional impact, it must be both essential and versatile.
It is a tireless study of essential shapes, a quest for the materials’ outer edge, but above all for symbolic attributes that allow us to achieve unique objects.
I think that when you show something to passion-driven people who understand why you designed it, and that thing finds a place in their hearts, then your product will be successful.
For that reason 15 years ago I felt the need to step up to a personal challenge within one of the most competitive industrial districts, 12 millions chairs per year were produced at the time, which was about 30% of the world production.
I wanted to set up my own firm and my own collection, to lay down my concepts and my personal style: that’s why I created the JOB’S brand.
So today’s JOBS gathers the whole heritage which this area in the past 60 years has developed, a strong tradition for the product and respect for work, the wish in creating more sophisticated products, starting from the complicated anodized aluminium pipe, up to woods and the finest leathers for upholstery. JOB’S is a distillation of all the experience I have accrued until now, going from the simplest marketing tools to the most advanced production technologies, from the advice given by a worker to the handshake with the customer I have yet to meet.

Omar De Biaggio

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